Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ethics and Learning

My heading of this blog mentions my intent to continue learning. Here is a new lesson I wish to share.

As the economy worsens and companies continue to layoff people, it appear ethics are taking a hit, too.

I had two interviews with a recruiting firm, which garnered me an audience with two company executives. The company was an outsourcing firm, which landed a contract with a new client. They were seeking to staff around 35 people, including a manager to lead the team.

Throughout the process they never revealed the client. At one point in the interview, I conveyed with a smile,  "I charge clients for the information he was seeking." He responded, "Then we won't hire you." I gave a lengthy answer to the question.

Well, I didn't get hired. I don't believe, because of my directness. After all I can only be me, which has contributed to my success. The real problem lies in their lack of disclosing the final client.

Here's my lesson:
  • Don't continue the job process without knowing who you will be working for.
  • Chances are if they won't reveal the client, then you probably won't fit in their or their clients culture anyway.
  • Do an internet search, using whatever information you can glean in the first or second interview. Chances are you will discover their client, of which you can determine if you care to proceed.
  • Non-disclosure of this type of information is a big red flag.

In my situation, the internet search indicated a known problem client. The previous outsourcing company lasted less than one year. Chances are the same will happen to this new outsourcing company.

All-in-all, it was a waist of time for several individuals.

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