Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wow! Over a month has passed me by. I've been busy with family matters, relating to my 87 year old father and 84 year old mother. This is a time for family values and the dynamics that go with them. A time of strong reflection and priorities.

The next month will bring more contemplation, as I embark on travel that will cover around 3,000 miles. There will be plenty of "road" time.

My skills diversity are serving me, in many projects. I've been writing a non-profit business plan, building multiple clients'  social media presence, completed a company's purchase agreement, will brand two more Internet-based companies, rebuilt my website and will build a 14 x 34 foot deck for a friend.

Springtime is a great time for reflection and renewal.

What are you doing to grow, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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