Sunday, July 12, 2009

Traditional Marketing

Frequently, I come across a job posting stating the term "traditional marketing." What does this mean? Really, I want to know.

I always though the goal of marketing was to be non-traditional. To create products and campaigns that were innovative and creative. It seems to me this is one of the core problems with the industry today.

Most of us have heard the definition of stupidity – Doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results.

Isn't this what you will get, if you seek traditional marketers?

Here's an example:
Several years ago, I took the General Motors employment assessment tests, prior to a marketing position interview. These exams took a little less than two hours to complete. I must have failed miserably, because I was instructed not to reapply for 12 months.

After speaking and reviewing the questions with a couple friends working at GM, these test are better defined as "clone" tests and squelch independent thinkers. They ensure people fit the GM mold. Just think about it, for over a decade GM built cars no one wanted.

Look at GM now. It begs the questions, "Is this the result of traditional marketing?"

I say, hire the people who flunked the tests.

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