Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hire the Best

The economic situation is quite understated. Reports indicate a national average unemployment rate of 9.1%. Michigan leads the country with 14.1%. What the numbers don't include are those no longer on unemployment or other indicators. The real rate is closer to 25-30% or close to one-out-of-three or four people are not working. I'm sure you know someone unemployed, if not yourself.

What does this mean to the marketing/advertising industry? There are great people available to hire. Not good, but great people. I can't believe hiring managers still use the term, "over-qualified". Unless you're skirting the law and using this term to invoke age discrimination (shame on you), the word "qualified" is inside this term.

My definition of over-qualified, is getting more than you deserve. A candidate that can deliver above expectations and provide skills beyond the job description – bonus for you.

If you are age discriminating (shame on you), think again. These are seasoned professionals, who can help grow your company and you. It's a win-win situation. You can mentor your specific expertise back to them, too.

Look through those résumés again, now.

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