Monday, February 6, 2012

Interviewing vs. Consulting

Every interview I have experienced, seems more like free consulting than a job interview. Granted I appreciate the non-traditional questions, i.e. what are your strengths and weaknesses, but the questions seem to be solving their problems rather than conveying my long term skill sets.

What if candidates could charge for their time and expenses, if they are not offered the job? Do you think this would change the interview landscape? Think of it as "spec" work. No one likes, or should, do work for free. If you build it, it has value. If you educate on problem solving, it's the same thing.

1 comment:

  1. I could not agree with you anymore on the matter! I have often thought about this as I was recently pursuing a job at a company for Digital Marketing! You gestured of what the effect would be by a company paying you for your "free consult" when not receiving the job. It definitely would change things and I ponder what solution is to be found.

    In my nominal experience with interviews, they all seem to be so pre-formated blocking me from describing my long term skills. Like you said, their questions seem to be in regards to solving a current problem that apparently exist for them. Granted, this is why they are trying to fill the position but when you are not hired and they don't even take the time to return your follow up calls and let you know this, its just frustrating. I wish I logged how much time was put into travel and interview times not to mention time spent personalizing my cover letter ,resume and follow up energy. Nice blurb Jack!