Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Long Distance Presentations

In today's world, people travel less and present more using Skype or similar tools to conduct presentations over the internet. I recently did a Presentation on Presenting to a group of new staff members. Here is the outline of that presentation.

Skype Presentation Training
PowerPoint Suggestions
  • All type the same font – no more than two; can include italic and bold
  • Headlines and subheads – consistent location, size and color
  • All type off black – projected on a large screen, the contrast is too stark if full black
  • Standardize the format and color scheme – see previous bullets
  • Animate by presentation points – if you don’t your audience will always read ahead of you
  • Avoid transitions – if used, use only one style
  • Use your “arrow” keys, not your mouse. It’s quieter
  • Include an opening and closing slide
    • First Slide – Company Name you are presenting and date
    • Last side – “Thank You” 
  • Customize to your audience

Presenting Guidelines
  • First Rule – Be yourself
  • Be prepared – practice speaking aloud – go in an empty room
    • Record and listen to yourself
    • Mock presentation with feedback from coworkers
  • Be set up early
  • Show confidence – even if you’re not
  • Don’t be afraid to laugh or goof up – correct yourself and move on
  • Have a glass of water available
  • Have Pencil and Paper for questions available
  • Be conscious of repetitive speech - aaa, you know, um, and the word “like” (if you’re from the 1990’s)
  • If you smile while giving the presentation, it will show in your voice
  • Know you represent your company and the product
  • Pace yourself, i.e. not too fast or too slow – Stay in allocated time
  • Explain you will allow interruptions or pause for questions at given time or the end
  • Don’t read the bullets verbatim, unless it’s succinct
    • By using click animations, the audience will read it
  • Avoid long paragraphs, unless you explain why or break it down into multiple slides
  • Use a script – but don’t sound like your reading

How to Handle Dead Air – The audience may be gathering and the phone is live
  • Telling jokes is very risky – avoid
  • Know a little about the audience – location, recent news, traffic
  • Weather always works

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