Monday, October 25, 2010

Company Reputation

Who represents your company? Is it your PR department, Marketing, the C-suite?

You might be surprised at the answer, although it shouldn't. Just as you search the Internet about a prospective employee, a diligent  candidate will search the Internet on your company. What will they find out about you? Have you checked this yourself? You better.

There are multiple sites, where company information can be gleaned, including opinions/ratings. People will use their social networks to inquire about your company or post information, if they currently work for you. They know people are not shy about expressing their feelings, using their social networks. Social networking is fast and powerful. Any, let me repeat, ANY, contact, inside and outside, reflects on your company. If you're consumer based, this reflection is amplified.

Given that over 80% of the current workforce, would quit their job, if the economy was better. How will this effect you, when the economy gets better?

Think about the next time you tell one of your associates, "you're lucky to have a job" or you interview a candidate for the third time and never follow up with them, how this will impact on your company. This impact may be now or later, but will affect you.

Did you answer the question correctly?

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