Thursday, September 17, 2009

Corporate Culture As A Marketing Tool

In a conversation with a close friend of mine, regarding employer/employee relations, she questioned why other companies' products were preferred over theirs.

To answer the question, the companies' cultures give us some insight.

At my friend's company, employees are called to 5 AM meetings, sometimes an additional hour's drive from their normal workplace. They are still expected to complete their workday around or after 6 PM. My friend is so "burned out" when she arrives home, she can only muster a small bite to eat and head to bed. Sometimes this scenario repeats the very next day.

The competition, in this example, does not work over 40 hours/week, has fewer employees and benefits to make you happy to be alive.

You can see the answer is very clear:
Corporate culture is directly related to product quality.

But is this correlation clear? Unfortunately in the U.S., this scenario is very prevalent in today's economy. It follows the "be thankful you have a job" mentality adopted by this and many employers.

Where do you fit into this scenario?

From the marketing perspective, can you see a competitive advantage?

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